What is an Employment lawyer?

1. What does an Employment lawyer do?

When these legal professionals act on behalf of employees, they are responsible for conducting research, gathering all necessary information, and drafting all documentation about the case they are handling, in order to provide satisfactory and beneficial representation for the employee(s) they are legally representing.

The advice and resolution of disputes and negotiations through arbitration, are other functions that an Employment lawyer exercises, in addition to everything related to claims to companies and organizations that are involved, the exploration of human resources policies that are focused on the employment contract, all these actions are negotiated with employers and unions, according to what is being processed.

2. Why is there an Employment lawyer?

The reason for the existence of an Employment lawyer arose with the beginning of the laws that began to regulate employment contracts, these laws were created to protect both parties both employees and employers, and the purpose from its inception was to establish very clear rules on obligations and duties of those involved in labour relations, call them employers, companies, companies, institutions and employees, workers or workers.

3. Benefits that an Employment lawyer provides

  • They protect and prevent employees from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
    They ensure safe and healthy workplaces.
  • They also protect the interests of employers and employers’ interests by preventing employee abuse and malpractice to the detriment of the company.
  • They mediate labour disputes between employers and employees.
  • They ensure that employees’ rights are respected within an organization.

4. How to be an Employment lawyer

The legal professionals are people who are trained in universities, in careers that usually last 5 years, where they obtain a degree in law, during the career can be formed in undergraduate courses in different specialities such as labour case, to practice in the labour field are prepared with postgraduate studies in various branches of labour, where they acquire knowledge about all current legislation in this field of law.

After completing their studies, employment lawyers seek to acquire experience and skills by working for employment law firms that deal with the resolution of employment disputes.

5. How much does an employment lawyer earn?

An employment lawyer working in the UK can earn a monthly income in the region of £32,500, there are areas within cities such as London, specifically in the West and South East, where the income of employment lawyers can be higher, and if an employment lawyer is self-employed this income is more significant.

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