How Drone Technology Can Help Reduce Crime Rates

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Law enforcement and governments everywhere have started to look towards drone technology to start solving some of the hard problems with crime. It is possible that coming generations of drone technology could be used to actively fight crime. Here is how drones could help to reduce crime rates.

Effective Surveillance in Key Areas

One of ways that drone technology can help to reduce crime rates is by providing effective surveillance in key areas. This is already being done in some countries to a certain extent. A drone can monitor an area nonstop without getting tired or missing anything. A drone can use infrared or other sensors to detect people who are hidden or behind obstacles. That surveillance can detect crimes happening early so that police are able to respond fast.

Safely Pursue Criminal Suspects

If a criminal escapes capture after committing a crime, then it is likely that person will commit another offense later. Drones have the ability to safely pursue criminal suspects. A drone can fly high above the ground keeping watch on where a suspect is heading. This information can be fed to law enforcement to pursue and eventually capture the suspect. Capturing more criminals on the streets can lower crime rates dramatically over time.

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Help Identifying Suspects and Providing Evidence

Something that a drone can do very well is to help with identifying suspects at the scene of a crime and providing evidence for prosecution. A drone can record footage of a crime occurring or a suspect fleeing the scene of a crime. That footage can be used to identify and capture suspects. The footage of the crime is forensic evidence that prosecutors can use to secure a conviction. This will take criminals off the streets and lower crime rates in important areas.

Crowd Monitoring

Drones can be used for crowd monitoring to fight crime. They already are in certain parts of the world. A drone could be connected to a remote server running facial recognition software. The drone can then move around crowded areas or events looking for people who have criminal records or who are wanted by law enforcement. Crowd monitoring is another way that drone technology can potentially lower crime rates. It is also an effective way to identify and track some of the most dangerous people on the streets such as suspected terrorists.


Intimidation to Deter Crime

A final indirect way that drones could reduce crime rates is through the intimidation factor. If someone sees and knows that a drone is nearby monitoring an area, then it is likely that person will think twice about committing a crime. The drone will act as a deterrent to suppress criminal activity. This can be especially effective when a drone is placed near high value targets like banks.

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