Do You Get What You Pay For? Drone Prices Vs. Features

While the 21st century hasn’t delivered flying cars or jetpacks, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any innovations in aviation out there. The concept of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) has made the transition from cutting-edge military technology to consumer product. If you’re interested in this new world of drones, you’ll find countless models available to you at a range of different price points. How much should you spend on a drone? Here’s a general guide to drone pricing.

Drone Inspire One
Construction Quality

Once you get into piloting drones, you’ll come to understand that crashes are virtually inevitable — especially when you’re first learning to fly. Your first instinct might be to assume that bigger, more expensive models are tougher, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the complex features found on pricey UAVs render them more delicate than their cheaper cousins.

Many inexpensive flyers are surprisingly durable. When they are constructed from tough materials such as ABS plastic they have a good chance of withstanding accidents and crashes without taking damage. Cheaper models also tend to be lighter, which is actually a point in their favor in some situations. On the other hand, expensive drones can feature reinforcement and even padding to make them tougher.

Drone Electronics and Features

Electronic And Features

Flying a bare-bones machine can be a challenge. This is because they come with very few piloting aids. More expensive models, in contrast, are packed with intelligent electronics that help keep your drone stable and safe. The best (and priciest) flyers are even capable of a range of independent flight.

One of the best reasons to invest in a smart, stable drone is to turn it into a camera platform. If you intend to use a drone to capture photos or videos, spending more money to get an intelligent and reliable model makes sense. Many of the top-of-the-line models can even transmit live video to you while you’re flying them.

Cheap Drones For Learning; Expensive UAVs For Work

Ultimately, the best way to look at drone pricing is to try and match the cost of your equipment to your own skill level. If you’re a relative newcomer to UAV piloting, it makes sense to start with an inexpensive machine. As noted above, cheap drones’ lack of flying aids actually works in your favor, forcing you to master solid flying skills.

Once you want to start using your vehicles to do more, it’s time to invest in more capable machines. Some of the more expensive UAVs for sale can do virtually everything except recharge their batteries on their own. These self-minding features free you up to concentrate on maneuvering or shooting video.

While it’s difficult to state with certainty what a specific model of drone will be capable of based on its price, the general guidelines given here should be broadly applicable. Keep your own level of experience in mind when you look at the full range of drones for sale today.

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