Is It Worth It To Purchase a Rear Dash Camera?

The world is a scary place. The insurance claim industry is valued at 158.8 billion in Canada alone. Furthermore, the industry has expanded at an incredible rate in the past decade. Most insurance claim settlements are completed through word of mouth, mathematical projections, and prior situations. The incorporation of a camera will provide peace of mind while driving to any destination. We have curated a list in order to understand the benefits of a rear dash cam.

The world is a scary place. The insurance claim industry is valued at 158.8 billion in Canada alone. Furthermore, the industry has expanded at an incredible rate in the past decade. Most insurance claim settlements are completed through word of mouth, mathematical projections, and prior situations. The incorporation of a camera will provide peace of mind while driving to any destination. We have curated a list in order to understand the benefits of a rear dash cam.

Protect Yourself Against Insurance Fraud
There are many people who are willing to do anything for a large check. This includes injuring oneself for a large settlement fee. Imagine this scenario, it is an hour past sunset and you are driving down the main street of a busy city. You are unfamiliar with this city because you are visiting. You drive over what you believe to be a pothole, but it is a person! Luckily, you have integrated a rear dash cam into your vehicle and you come to find out, the person had a broken arm previous to the accident. They merely laid down once you passed the pothole. The settlement never comes to fruition.

The Danger of a Parking Garage
Unfortunately, we are most vulnerable when we feel the safest. 1 out of 5 auto accidents take place in a parking lot or garage. This transfers to a 20% chance that an accident will occur will you are leaving to get on the road.

Luckily, dash cameras are become more prevalent among automobiles countrywide. A dash cam will provide you with security while your car is dormant in the parking lot as well as during the process of exiting the lot. You no longer have to worry about a car brushing against yours as it is leaving the parking lot and you will know who the culprit is if you are given the misfortune of this happening to you.

Maintain Your Memories
There are many families who enjoy documenting their vacations. All the benefits of a dash camera do not have to surround a possible lawsuit, you can reap fun rewards from integrating a dash cam! If you enjoy creating movies, it is possible to utilize the footage from your camera for beautiful videos. Not only can they provide you will a great fast forwarded transitional video, but you can create a time-lapse based on where you park your vehicle.

Many Canadians understand the perils of the road. Fortunately, you do not have to leave the outcome of an accident to chance. Incorporating rear dash cameras to every vehicle you own will grant you peace of mind. Remember, you may be a good driver but other people are not. Please visit for additional information.

Drone Review: Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K is a UAV similar to the USI Phantom 3 in many ways. The Typhoon is a bit smaller at a diagonal size of 565mm. Feature wise, the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k boasts many smart features which match the functionality of many other similar drones.

Some of the Typhoon Q500 4k’s smart features include a Return Home feature, Watch Me and Follow Me flight modes, and a unique Geofence functionality, which prevents flight near commercial airports, keeps the drone within legal altitude limits and makes sure the drone stays within 91 meters of the transmitter.

Specifications and Pricing

The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K has a standard price of $999. You can also purchase it for $899 if you don’t want the aluminum case.

It has a maximum speed of 17 mph in Angle Mode, and 21 mph in the Watch Me or Follow Me modes. Additionally, it has a maximum altitude of 400 feet. The maximum altitude can be adjusted via the Typhoon GUI. The drone’s maximum flight time is 25 minutes.

The drone weighs 1,700 grams with its camera and battery and 1,130 grams without them.

The Typhoon comes standard with a 10-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with an integrated live video display. The drone also comes with a CGO Steadygrip handheld camera mount and an extra battery.


Out of all the drones Canada for sale, the Yuneec Typhoon series of drones is one of the best matches for USI’s Phantom Series. The Typhoon Q500 4k has comparable video resolution to the Phantom 3 Professional for the same price. In addition, the Typhoon 4k comes standard with an extra battery, a handheld camera mount, and an aluminum case.

The drone itself is relatively easy to fly, and is perfect for beginners and hobbyists, as well as being great for professionals as well. Although it has its flaws, such as its slow top speed. The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k is a great alternative to the Phantom 3 Professional and has the same picture and video quality at a similar price. It also has a slightly superior flight time of 25 minutes. as well as a unique Geofence feature.

Do You Get What You Pay For? Drone Prices Vs. Features

While the 21st century hasn’t delivered flying cars or jetpacks, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any innovations in aviation out there. The concept of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) has made the transition from cutting-edge military technology to consumer product. If you’re interested in this new world of drones, you’ll find countless models available to you at a range of different price points. How much should you spend on a drone? Here’s a general guide to drone pricing.

Drone Inspire One
Construction Quality

Once you get into piloting drones, you’ll come to understand that crashes are virtually inevitable — especially when you’re first learning to fly. Your first instinct might be to assume that bigger, more expensive models are tougher, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the complex features found on pricey UAVs render them more delicate than their cheaper cousins.

Many inexpensive flyers are surprisingly durable. When they are constructed from tough materials such as ABS plastic they have a good chance of withstanding accidents and crashes without taking damage. Cheaper models also tend to be lighter, which is actually a point in their favor in some situations. On the other hand, expensive drones can feature reinforcement and even padding to make them tougher.

Drone Electronics and Features

Electronic And Features

Flying a bare-bones machine can be a challenge. This is because they come with very few piloting aids. More expensive models, in contrast, are packed with intelligent electronics that help keep your drone stable and safe. The best (and priciest) flyers are even capable of a range of independent flight.

One of the best reasons to invest in a smart, stable drone is to turn it into a camera platform. If you intend to use a drone to capture photos or videos, spending more money to get an intelligent and reliable model makes sense. Many of the top-of-the-line models can even transmit live video to you while you’re flying them.

Cheap Drones For Learning; Expensive UAVs For Work

Ultimately, the best way to look at drone pricing is to try and match the cost of your equipment to your own skill level. If you’re a relative newcomer to UAV piloting, it makes sense to start with an inexpensive machine. As noted above, cheap drones’ lack of flying aids actually works in your favor, forcing you to master solid flying skills.

Once you want to start using your vehicles to do more, it’s time to invest in more capable machines. Some of the more expensive UAVs for sale can do virtually everything except recharge their batteries on their own. These self-minding features free you up to concentrate on maneuvering or shooting video.

While it’s difficult to state with certainty what a specific model of drone will be capable of based on its price, the general guidelines given here should be broadly applicable. Keep your own level of experience in mind when you look at the full range of drones for sale today.

How Drone Technology Can Help Reduce Crime Rates

rone Security

Law enforcement and governments everywhere have started to look towards drone technology to start solving some of the hard problems with crime. It is possible that coming generations of drone technology could be used to actively fight crime. Here is how drones could help to reduce crime rates.

Effective Surveillance in Key Areas

One of ways that drone technology can help to reduce crime rates is by providing effective surveillance in key areas. This is already being done in some countries to a certain extent. A drone can monitor an area nonstop without getting tired or missing anything. A drone can use infrared or other sensors to detect people who are hidden or behind obstacles. That surveillance can detect crimes happening early so that police are able to respond fast.

Safely Pursue Criminal Suspects

If a criminal escapes capture after committing a crime, then it is likely that person will commit another offense later. Drones have the ability to safely pursue criminal suspects. A drone can fly high above the ground keeping watch on where a suspect is heading. This information can be fed to law enforcement to pursue and eventually capture the suspect. Capturing more criminals on the streets can lower crime rates dramatically over time.

drone video surveillance

Help Identifying Suspects and Providing Evidence

Something that a drone can do very well is to help with identifying suspects at the scene of a crime and providing evidence for prosecution. A drone can record footage of a crime occurring or a suspect fleeing the scene of a crime. That footage can be used to identify and capture suspects. The footage of the crime is forensic evidence that prosecutors can use to secure a conviction. This will take criminals off the streets and lower crime rates in important areas.

Crowd Monitoring

Drones can be used for crowd monitoring to fight crime. They already are in certain parts of the world. A drone could be connected to a remote server running facial recognition software. The drone can then move around crowded areas or events looking for people who have criminal records or who are wanted by law enforcement. Crowd monitoring is another way that drone technology can potentially lower crime rates. It is also an effective way to identify and track some of the most dangerous people on the streets such as suspected terrorists.


Intimidation to Deter Crime

A final indirect way that drones could reduce crime rates is through the intimidation factor. If someone sees and knows that a drone is nearby monitoring an area, then it is likely that person will think twice about committing a crime. The drone will act as a deterrent to suppress criminal activity. This can be especially effective when a drone is placed near high value targets like banks.